Tuesday, November 24, 2009


(Just for gag....No offense to people who did not make it)

I was thinking of a perfect one liner response if i had received my reject mail.

1) you kidding me?
2) could you reimburse my application fee and my travel?
3) are you sure?
4) yea yea..nice try..april is far away
5) 20 lakhs brother....you may want to rethink about the decision?
6) I just got into Harvard... na na na nananannna nana...
7) I am filing a "right to information" suit
8) I demand compensation for having caused me mental stress and trauma
9) I can wait.... seriously...
10) You know who i am?
11) I forgot to mention my relation with Osama in the app.


  1. Just stumbled upon ur blog (by stumbled I mean googled ISB Class of 2010 and voila ;))

    Had thought of many such retorts myself if I got a reject...but thankfully didn't have to us them :)...

    Hope to see this blog grow!!!

  2. Hilarious post Ameen..waiting for more :)