Sunday, November 29, 2009

Delhi Meet: I 'Do' Chinese.. And there will be 'chics'..

Hi All,

I have been tipped to write an account for 1st Delhi Meet on 28th evening! Here we go...

The game began with me posting a thread..'Calling out to Delhi/NCR people'.. and Oh Boy! Did they have sharp ears to hear the call! The response just knocked the living day lights out of all other threads!

2.30pm: I reach the CCD, meet the manager and both of us have a nice time blowing up balloons (no they were not inflated condoms, they were indeed balloons)... Everything looks dead... and where the f*** are Chirag and Saurav!

2.45pm: I see one guy walking down in a formal shirt and a pullover... The trick sign: He has posters in his hands... Aaah!!! CHIRAG!... 'refined hand shake follows (both playing cool, keeping the junglee-pan inside tamed)

Rocking posters... few placards... other stuff... the guy knows his stuff... so I just leave it to him get back to...well.... balloons! :D

3.00pm: Another guy comes (Saurav)... My thoughts....why is he in a suit??... I am wearing a t-shirt with a roaring tiger on it... shit shit shit!!! ... this is a b school meet... what was I thinking?!!!

Thoughts are quickly overshadowed as I see a Big cake in his hand.. Now I dont care who is wearing what, the cake is here!

3.15: People start flowing in... I think Vikram and Komal were the early birds after the three monkeys! (Me, Chiarg and Saurav)... In next 15 mins... there is a flood of people!

3.30: After a bit of Hi I am so n so... I am so n so ... and all smiles... Saurav suddenly went on ecstasy or viagra or whatever he eats everyday! Starts ordering food... organizing ice breaker intros.. collecting funds (yes idiots this wasn't for free, I don't blow balloons for nothing)...

Around 4.00 pm: Aaah... time for brief intros (no they were not with people wearing only briefs, but atleast now there were people with T-shirts on, so I was in majority with the tiger T)

Here is an account of some eventful Intros (people not mentioned here need not take offense, feel nice you are not going to be made fun off)

Ladies First...... Hell yea!!! Ladies first!!!

Neeti: Decided not to get up and speak from where she was sitting... I could hear... I am working at NDTV ...with their channel 24x7... went to MICA ... Before that I was at Xaviers, Bombay (Yes no Mumbai, we in Delhi don't fear Raju or Ballu Thackeray...)

My account about her intro: I initially heard MICA as 'my car', because all I could think of was that 'she parked her car right at the entrance of CCD where there was a big NO PARKING ..TOW AWAY ZONE board...' (WTF we are Indians. That too Dilliwaalas and she is from Bombay, any space should be utilized)

Someone was next to I said she went to 'my car'? what? So then I was told politely MICA, it is a place of education...

Richa: I worked at KPMG, then I joined family business and yeah I 'did' Chinese too...

Richa's intro had two people talking... Richa and Gary (Girish)..From this point onwards Richa's intro is a conversation:

Gary: What do u mean by u 'did' chinese?
Richa: I 'did' chinese... and I wrote it in my essays too, for distinguishing me.
(Everybody is laughing)
Gary: So how was it 'doing' chinese?
Richa: To be honest, I have no idea!!! I did not know why I wrote this.. My friend pointed out that we have 'japanese' clients , why would you do chinese?
(Now I am rolling on floor, with my feet up)
Gary (poker faced bastard is going for the kill): Aaah! so did they ask you in interview about 'doind' chinese?
Richa: No, thankfully they did not! I managed to pull it off and Now I am at ISB
Gary: And now I am Chinese!

Intro over!!!! :D

Kriti, Vibha, Juhi, Komal and Deepti gave proper Intros.. Neither did I see them park in tow away zone nor did they 'do' anything( anyone) to make it to ISB so they are spared...

Note: Kriti pops up later

Here come the MEN!!!!

Nivesh: I worked for Motorola.. (pauses) before it bankrupt.. They gave me a great time... I got to go to US in business class, no body in my family ever saw it.... then they made me stay at Radisson.. We had a ball, no wonder it went bankrupt (all this while he was laughing, so was everyone else)

Rohit: He is a school mate so I know him from days of thunder...He started with a sorry because he did not come in alphabetical order as he had to leave for a meeting (on saturday?).. ( My reaction... Shuru kar naa yaar.. we are indians, following a queue makes us is REALLY ok)...
Nothing else was out of the ordinary so he does not get any limelight here...

Puneet: I worked with P&G, then wanted to get into consulting so moved to Accenture (here comes in Kriti)
kriti: U also work at Accenture?
Puneet: (amused) yeah!
Kriti: Oh ok... have you told people in the firm that you got in?
Puneet : (Bemused and confused look)
Kriti: I haven't .. Please don't tell anyone I was here!
Puneet: Which office do u sit at?
Kriti: CP and u?
Puneet: Gurgaon... and fine I will keep it to myself.. (with the expression ' if you don't shut up and let me complete I will call and tell people right now')

So the guy carries on and completes his story!

Saurav: Very long intro (Come on man he is the organizer, he is on Viagra and he is wearing a nice suit, ofcourse he will talk you morons... and u better listen..LOL!)...

My account on his intro: The guy is a fighter, no one gets into ISB after 41% in graduation.. He did... No one wears a suit on Sat afternoon... He did (I was still complexed).. No one tells people he was mindfucked since 2002 until he made it to ISB.. He was Man enough to say it! Cheers to him!

Vinayak (Yes I am writing this to get the attention on myself.. what did you think? this was a charity? I am a trader, I always have vested interests):
Hearing everyone's Intro, I think I have had a smooth ride into ISB. Journey began with smashing heads at school and teachers getting shocked when I got those ranks in JEE and CEE. I was basically a big bully and my claim to fame was getting into ugliest of fights in school.
I went to college (and there were no chics), discovered I can't study anything just went through the motions (and there were no chics)! All I could do was calculate fast so I went to this trading firm (and there were no chics), they liked my number crunching..gave me a job (and there were no chics).. crude oil prices went boom boom I made lot of money for a fresh graduate!
Someone told me buy a big car because chics like it... I bought one, been a couple of years since then (and there are no chics)... I took GMAT in final yr of college because I had nothing better to do (as there were no chics)... seniors told me score is low (it was 710)... so I took it again this June, I had a lot of time after work to study (as there were no chics) so got a 750.. Applied to ISB, Columbia, Duke... Managed to make a fool out of ISB and Duke (ladies in the interview panel)... Columbia guys were smart, didn't even call me for interview....

So now I am headed to ISB... And hopefully, this time, there will be chics...
(Everyone laughed every time I mentioned the word 'chic')

IF YOU GUYS ARE STILL READING... Then I settled the bill (which was basically a stunt by CCD guys as Saurav had already paid before leaving)...

At this moment a lady came up to me and here goes the conversation:

Lady: Hi! you all are students at ISB.
Me: No Ma'am! We are not current students, we got admission last week
and would be heading there in April
Lady: Aaah ok! Congratulations!
Me: Thanks (Modest smile on the face, elation in the mind)
Lady: By the way can you imagine the risk here?
Me: Sorry, I don't follow! (Speechless puzzled look)
Lady: Imagine the risk on human asset. 30 students from the best
business school of India under one roof, what if this ceiling
(pointing upwards) comes down RIGHT NOW!...(Smiles)

Both of us break into a laugh!!!

Me: That's some thought Ma'am!
Lady: She said when I got into ISB someone told me exact same lines, I
thought let me share it!
Me: You are from which batch
Lady: 2004!
Me: So how was it?
Lady: All I can say is, recession or no recession, you guys would do
fine. All the best!
Me: Thanks

We guys went ahead to grab a drink at Blues in CP. I have asked Rajat to keep a copy of the bill for times to come!

And that was the Delhi Meet!




  1. I'm so jealous i missed out on this!!!! looking forward to even more rocking times on campus!

  2. It was good fun, just cant stop remembering all these instances. m still laughing.

  3. hehehehehhe, great and witty account - hope to see a lot more witty posts on the blog - droll posts usually drive away the viewers (even wehn they're a captive market, as in our case)

    Great Job!

  4. wonderful post buddy, esp the 'no chics' part. Man I have never had more fun reading a blog. Lets see what's in store for the Bangalore meet this weekend.

  5. Nice stuff there, Vinayak - organizing the meet to the debrief (I know what you are thinking ;) ) But the 'chics' part was hilarious! (don't know what the girls have to say, but heck :D )

  6. Absolutely hilarious post. Couldn't stop laughing.

  7. Hey good witty post Vinayak... :)

  8. Happy Chic Hunting bro... within and outside ISB :D And well hopefully we get to do Chinese too..

  9. This is one up. - And the chics have just left the building

  10. hilarious one vinayak...right now i am barely managing to write something...=))

  11. Thanks guys!! I noticed a couple of grammatical goof-ups but everyone was nice enough to not point out (or maybe scared as they might be the next in line for my blog post?):D

    It was wonderful to see so many people respond to my thread and show up.. Next one coming up soon in south delhi..


  12. m cracking up..reading this Vin! All the best! n hope to see u in "bangs".


  13. witty write-up!
    cudnt stop laughing!

  14. Absolutely fantabulous post Vinayak. Kudos to you, Chirag and Saurav for organizing the event. It was a sooper fun filled Saturday afternoon.. yes I mean it guys.. "fun-filled". As I read your post I can recall all those hilarious moments and cant stop laughing. My boss thinks I'm crazy - smiling away to glory on this dull Monday morning.. Look forward to more such posts. Keep writing :D

  15. Awesome dude! My favorite bit was Kirti popping up with "you're not going to tell anyone abt this, right!" hehe!
    Must add something here about Siddharth's quest to finish everything sweet in front of him! :-)
    AND that you're just jealous coz I got the best parking spot! Yes, parking spot... according to random-guy-outside-ccd! :-P

  16. @ Neeti: Yeah.. U don't read a board, u ask a CCD traffic policeman (do they exist?) and hear back what suits you! :D.... how confortable :)

  17. Wahh Kaddu :) that's a rather humorous account of the meet, im sure it was fun! just scribbling my plan for the balance of the night (this is relevant I promise!)- read economist, zzz..., feel very sleepy, have red on an assigment..faff..zzz..have a on another assignment, submit both at 7am in the morning, go for breakfast, come back sleep at 830 am, get up at noon for a 1230pm class!

    This is going to be your life at ISB :) and just to add some credibility to the BS above, I am a student of the 2010 batch and this stupid author's friend :)

  18. Vinayak........ lets start the research on the NIFT thingi!

    Get your engines zooming gentlemen!

  19. Hey aastha, if I know who you are, then! Dont spoil it for us :(. We know we are going to get our asses kicked. We are just trying to create a false sense of security for ourselves.

  20. :(
    missed out all the fun, was working... hope to catch you guys soon on another meet! something after December 25th?