Sunday, November 22, 2009

ISB expands to.....

Indian School of Business (The given)
Indians Slaughtering Business
I Suck at Business
Intelligently Sucking Books
I,Sex and Beer...




  1. Intermediate-Significant Bit

    Is Started By

    Institut des Sciences Biologiques

    International Symposium on Bilingualism

    In-Store Bakery

    I'm So Bored




  2. I See Big-bucks (ohhh yeahhh!!)

    I Smell Brinjal (ohhh noooo!)

    I Stared Blankly (my meetings avataar)

    I Sold BALCO (ahhh, my share trading a/c - sometimes giving me more cash than the salary itself!)

    I Sing Badly (horribly, actually)

    I Slapped (the) Battameez (favorite line of the ex)

    wow, am really getting into the groove of this!

    I Shall (be) Back...