Monday, November 23, 2009

What would you have done with the 20 lakhs?

Oh yes... that's a lot of money :) ....

Now that it's being wired to ISB, what else could you have done with 20 lakhs?

my pick is a honda CRV ;)

What's yours?


  1. Considering the background that I come from (Trading), I would have gambled on some very volatile stocks! Made the 20 into 200 or 2 very quickly! :D

  2. six-month long world trip; prominent places I'd like to cover:
    - south america back packing trip
    - euro trip
    - alaska/northern canada
    - egypt
    - canary islands
    - fiji
    - new zealand
    - mongolia

  3. Would go to UK to watch premier league matches. and lots of em!!



  4. some good news for you:
    dont think you would get a crv for 20L :-)
    only an accord or an altis...

  5. I too would go travelling. Checking out the people and places - Asia, Europe, Americas. I feel the world out there is an ocean compared to the pond of my limited knowledge on it.

  6. I am not sure. Cant think much on how to use 20L. Not a single idea right now.