Friday, November 27, 2009

Doing the math....

Quoting from Chetan Bhagat, our life is just 2500 weekends.... isn't it? (considering we live another 50 years :P)

ISB => 48 weekends.
Spend/week => 40,000 rs (approx)... (wow.... getting closer to my monthly salary)
Spend/day => 5555 bucks (approx)... (looks fancy isn't it?)

Well it ain't a big deal of math to figure this out...

But what if,

1) You fell ill?

Imagine dragging yourself with a real bad cold, splitting headache, high fever and a big haaachooo.
Invested cost lost =>40,000
Opportunity cost lost =>40,000 (worth classes lost)
and a ten rupee panadol/aspirin

Stay fit brothers and sisters. Start your fitness regime well in advance. Lots in stake. :)

2) You fell in love?

Love at first sight, first conversation, that euphoric moment.

Even if it lasts a month,

Invested cost lost => 1.6 lacs
Opportunity cost lost => 1.6 lacs (worth of classes lost in the euphoric moments)
Expenditure cost => C'mon bun tea is not going to work..

Stay away from eye-to-eye contact, hand-to-hand contact, neck-to-neck contact, conversations that sound like music, music that sounds like your conversations, his used cups, her chocolate wrappers and anything that provides feasibility for current to pass. Lots at stake :)

3) what if you overeat?

only 60,000 rupees meal coupons is going to be given i believe.
Hyderabad is the land of great food for the non vegetarians.

Imagine one chicken biriyani costs 80 rs, one coke 20 rs, one chicken tikka 100 rs, dessert 50, simple breakfast 50, snacks 60, sutta(optional) 40, coffee 20 => thats 420 bucks (love this number)

Thats wiping off an additional 1 lakh (as 60000 is covered under 20). (not covered under loan)
plus possibility of repetition of point 1.

Eat light. fight like a hungry dog.

4) What if you are sleepy?

Needless to say, if you feel sleepy for one hour during the classes everyday, that's a 365*40,000/7*8 lost => 2.5 lacs :)

learn power naps, learn meditation. (i heard that it helps)



  1. The only math that makes sense to me after reading this is... It is DAMN EXPENSIVE... so we BETTER HAVE FUN! :D

  2. 1 (Vin) + 1(Masked Cru) = 2 (So I second that too)
    Lets live it up...

  3. I wish there was a 'Like' button here.. nice post!