Monday, November 23, 2009

My toast to all the Fighters in this blog!!

Ever since I entered the world of "MBA" preparation and application procedure, I used to wonder what it felt like with an admit letter from a top university in hand!! And today with many edited essays, interview prep sessions, and more than a thousand pg blog visits... finally I am living the moment.. the coveted moment which each one of us has waited for..

Not sure if many of us have experienced it before with some great offers pouring in earlier than the ISB offer.. but I still feel there is nothing which can dampen this experience. So all of my fellows, here's a toast to everyone's hard work and their never-ending spirit. Let us all keep this blog alive before we hit the class room.

Hoping to see a vibrant class with many friends whom I plan to discover over the coming weeks through lazy chats and blog posts..

PS: I am happy to find a class not so full of strangers!!