Monday, November 23, 2009

What am I doing in Office on Monday Morning after ISB admit!

To be honest I logged on to tell my story on 'what was I doing when I got the SMS' but then discovered Jaideep had a far more interesting story to share. So let me do this one..

'What am I doing in Office on Monday Morning after ISB admit'...
To start off, I was talking to Piyush last night on FB chat. The most striking thing he mentioned to me (and I agreed).. "How the F*** do we show up tomorrow at work man?! What do we do?!"

Here are my thoughts, I came into work today and saw a huge mail from my boss with comments on what I had sent to him on friday evening before I left work. The big man had given his comments (stupid ones) on it and asked me to work on it. After reading the comments I instantly told myself " What if I don't do it? Would he fire me? That means he gives me a severance allowance and asks me to leave"... And with these 'Noble thoughts' I started writing this blog!

So here was a short sweet description of how my office work is going to 'suffer' until I join!!

Ok .. That was supposed to be my last line in this blog but instantly I thought...'let's write more, what better can you do?' So I am going to go on with my saga...

To be honest all weekend I did pretty much nothing, infact no celebration at all (this weekend was more dull than the usual ones). I realized after reaching work today what has happened... We can burn down the whole town (starting with our office) and nothing would happen... Feels heavenly!!

Share thoughts guys! How is Monday morning in office going?!


  1. Excellent! feel the exact same way! I got a major transaction coming up and some real important meetings to schedule and here i am - playing the fool.... damn...

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  3. I am working from home (for home) for the first half of the day, and have almost decided to keep this blog real-time. :)

  4. I am yet to get my ass to office....gosh !!!!

  5. i just let out 3 years of my frustration out in nice way...(:P d right way)

  6. I was pretty much in the same state as any of us on Monday morning ... exploiting all options at hand to play EVIL @ office ... wicked aye !!