Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bangalore Meet: Alpha: "a sin" and "boom baam echoiee echoiee echoiee"

4:30 pm – Began the round of intro’s...with a silly game of juxtaposing an adjective starting with same letter as your name’s first letter...when we finished this round ...I seriously felt we all were just a bunch of super achiever’s who have made it their way through to ISB [**I donn complain as long as I am in]...still were neck deep in past [**now is time to have some fun with everyone...hehehehahahahuhuhu]

mC: I had not expected the round of intro’s to start with me...but it did...said something...will come to it later...which set the tempo for each of others...n boy we had fun

Nikhil: for all practical purposes henceforth be named SHAHID KAPUR...who is till this point a really bad dancer...his only claim to fame was...wait for it...wait for it...he got kissed by a gal in a night club...n he was drunk to the point that he couldn't remember the dimensions [**yea ppl dimensions] of the gal...[**as always I am your mC I am gonna help him remember the dimensions...hehehuhuhaha]...

what our shahid didn't know was that I too was present in that night [**True Story!!!] goes what I saw...a group of old Parsee aunties were celebrating the B'day of their best friend Bahar Banu...they get high on tequila...n one of them throws a dare at B'day gal [**who btw is just in her 60's...n 200 pounds]...So bahar banu gets up and looks at out shahid and says "Kitna cute dhikkra che" [**I will leave the rest to your imagination]

Awesome [**okie I helped a little...what can I say I have such large heart..**this was like a million years before in the time when I realized she was married]

Awesome Aishwarya [**rai...oHHH!!! ooops...Singh]: Hi I am Aishwarya...I work for TI [**hopes going up]...blah blah blah...I like clubbing, dancing [**hopes sky rocketing now]...more blah blah [**HOPE IS NOW TOPE...abe hindi vala chirkut]...yea I forgot to mention...I am married [**yea gubbaro me gabbar ne ched kar diya...sadly there was no sound]

mC: aaaaahhhhhhhh[**sad grunt]

Followed by lukhi junta: aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh[**intensity was infinite times greater]

Anyways after the intro things many things dawned on me...this one’s married as well...yea she is my no digs [**I see some people ass’s on fire]

Notorious Navin: The guy who works at infosys and has not been onsite for 4.5 years [**all the traits of LOSERRR...he himself admitted it]...but people stand up on your ears...bow to this gr8 mann...yea HIS FUCKING FUNDING OF 20LAKHS is being financed by his girlfriend...girlfriend...girlfriend [**was ensuring (**in ekta kapoor style) u got it...I can’t rely on your dumb ass fucked up brains]...and the tables turned...BIGGEST DUDE EVER!!! [**I want some tips dude...I have nothing but the gr8est respect for this man]

Amazing Anoop: This guy gave a huge intro...infinite times his size...Interesting story...his girlfriend was getting married the same day in Bangalore [**not wid him though]...other thing I can recollect from the evening was that he developed some god-knows-what shit application [**webcrawler...still doesn’t change the shitty part] he opened everything from nothing opened...and he typed you go there was full fledged porn site up and running.

[**me thinks he would have watched lot of porn in office in the might be cached...there u go...boom baam echoiee echoiee echoiee happening B-)...dude stop watching porn...u should make some]

Devil Dhaval: okie I luv him...nice gujju interview partner [**yea get me convicted for nepotism]...guy is a SAINT...I mean a real one...does not chicken gals [**I am not sure of his orientation though...will take my own sweet time analyzing his actions before I even enter within 3ft of his periphery :P] for Agilent...comes from Songarh 220km from amdabaad [**did I get it right??]

Simple Sandeep: simple goldman fella...nothing unusual...sat in the corner listening to people[**next time talk as well dude...bolne pe TAX nahi lagta hai re :P]

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