Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bangalore Meet: The Prologue

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to everyone who came @ChillMadi Bangalore (last of the sane thing on this thread)

[mC's digressions marked with **, more fun...just in jest]

All who came to ChillMadi@Bangalore have personally pinged me asking for when’s the blog gonna be up dude...Like I am being paid to write things about people...anyways not a bad idea I can be the official blogger n you have to just keep feeding me good food and I am writing the first one as a charity...u donn have to praise me...I know I am gr8 guy...also some people were generous enough to give hefty tips for the meet...DID SOMEONE SAY EXTRA SOURCE OF INCOME...I have got mine :P

3:10 pm – I reached @Cafe Mocha and found Megha already waiting [**with arms open least I felt so...mera dil hai yaar kuch bhi feel karu] for me...I found one more gal...who was her [**big] small sister...we asked her to stay...but she declined [**which on the hindsight I think was actually in favour of Megha...who ended doing a lot of huff puff...I will get to this later...wait for now]

3:20 pm – Vikas Saroha walked in, confident handshakes and smiles [**the one that u have when you are under pressure from all directions and with no loo in sight]...then we got to what we do best posing for CAMEEEERA...n later I discovered Saroha jee had stint with CAMEEERA as well...

3:40 pm – Rishi, Apurva, Sandeep, Pearl, and Pragati joined in...Some were blowing balloons and some were putting up banners n stuff...It was warm with everyone introducing himself to others before getting down to the work...

4:00 pm – People started pouring in large numbers now...I was confused and baffled as to how many admits were there from Bangalore [**all these buggers just woke 1 day back]

4:15 pm – Everyone got we decided whoever enters from that point onwards is going to be ragged...we managed to rag[**make a fool of] Navin[**as if we had too]...then came in Aishwarya...who too was ragged a little[**why so?? Imagine a room predominantly filled with single I need to mention we went a little soft on was just till the point we(single guys) had not realized she was married...then hell got loose on her too]

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