Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Ugly truth...

Predicted Life of a ISBian (post ISB) - MCP version (PTW)

Placed at an average of 25 lacs per annum
Married to an outflux of 30 lakhs per annum
Writes a book on "Men are from ISB. Women are from Harvard"

After improving on diversity and risk taking ability, explores a gay marriage (after a case study presentation on ROI, space factor, smile to cry equity ratio)

Resume updated with the entirety of the first page to occupy acronyms (MBA, ISB, CLASS of '11)

Spend the next 30 years telling all the people that come your way about "how you made it, how exciting it was" and still hope to hear a "aaaahh"

MBA right.... need to show entrepreneurship skills. "screw it, let's do it" richard brandson helps to speed up. you start with the goal of one new business a year. end up setting a idli vada shop with A class branding after considerable market research, strategy & advanced accounting techniques

Suddenly your colony is brimming with a dance club, a book reading club, gardening club, cookery club, leadership classes, how to start your own company (idli vada wont be disclosed), all thanks to you after extensive experience with clubs and communities.

Your parents and relatives are still puzzled about what you did for one year in a B School. (It is this curiosity that is driving up demand)

and the alumni meet follows......

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