Monday, December 7, 2009

Bangalore Meet: Gamma: "howz the cake" and "return to sanity"

Rishi: I was plotting his murder while I was returning to my home today [**Am I smiling? naa...this bugger made me start twice] our dude blacked out in front of gal...who gets blacked out in front of gal yaar[**were u in KG, even kindergartens would have atleast kissed the gal n ran away like hell]...

our GEMS bond managed to earn some brownie points though when he mentioned "people howz the cake" [**noone could say it was bad cake coz it sure tasted so sweet n sexy n I-am-going-weak-in-my-knees-after-eating kinda] ppl said awesome...tasty...etc etc...bang came another assertion “Anupama brought it...thank her” [**yea I have a 3rd eye...marooying chance on leg glance...I could literally see him salivating during this...every time Rishi even went within 3ft of her circle of influence...he went berserk...we had to literally make him sit away from her]

On more serious note I liked the fact that he had balls to say that he views success just as money...

Nitin: hmm senior most among us n yougest at heart...if u r thinking I was going to take dig at him [**naah I want my biryani when Anita bhabhi gets back]

Pragati: First and last day with Pragati... It was an enjoyable experience being in vicinity of this gal...she talks on a very low volume...anyways for people who were little far off she is big bollywood fan...loves to chat on almost everything in life [**it’s entirely our loss]

Mast Megha: Masti smiling partner...both of us need no reason to keep giggling and yea a poet...she wrote something which all should know

The Time has come once again to show what we can do
To work together as a team and create history too
So let’s go out these as a winning team
Let’s do what we do best, Let’ enjoy and scream.
Because together we can do it. Together we can.
Together we can become the best team in the land..
As a team we will make every place a heaven
So, here we come ISB, the Class of Twenty Eleven!!!

Adventurous Anupama – Oki the only adventure she did was cutting the cake [**I would have given her some more points had she taken the pain to feed Rishi...who in turn would have jumped over tables chairs people to eat that cake of her hand]...the HBTI gal...youngest consultant in IBM India...belongs to group who plan and strategize on how to do nothing...classical singer who didn’t sing for us [**hmmm I felt she did hide the most awesome part of her persona...what we got to see was a more subdued her]

Neehar Neeharika: donn ask me what Neehar means [**how would I know yaar] she had this little sorority thing going on with Aishwarya...yea both are BITS Pilani gals...I admire this gal for courage to say 2 things which most people sitting there [**including me] would treat just as appendages...spirituality [**connection with divine being] and old age homes...way to go gal...

Nice Navdeep: Robotics guy working with Applied Materials...core R&D ka banda of the 2 guys who made a jump from 650 to 750 str8...other one was our shahid front pe iska bhagya palate hue dekh raha hu main [**yea I am a psychic too]


  1. That was awesome megha! thats my current status of gtalk!

  2. yaar tumhari baton se leg raha hai ki rishi ko police protection ki jaroorat down yaar...hota hai life main aisa kabhi kabhi...

  3. hehehe :P...I changed my mind...I had a better idea courtesy anupama...I'll just post the link of this post to Rishi's gf...even police protection can't do anything :P...wat say ??

    P.S - where is dat bugger...I made him the star of the show...I atleast deserve one comment :D