Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bangalore Meet: Delta: "I stared at Romanians" and "the tale of broken bones"

[**As you would have come to know by now that only two people are left on the cards to bear the brunt of mC's digs among all people who attended the Bangalore Meet.

Before I get down to their stories...There’s is something I would want to tell you.

Sireesha is one of the most interesting people I have met in last 3 or 4 years. She is highest degree of AWESOME that AWESOME could ever be. I had talked to her even before the meet; what is instantly noticeable about her is her carefree, nonchalant, and jovial attitude towards life that is instantly infectious. In 5/6 minutes of airtime she got to speak, she shared her two biggest failures in life, her obsessions in most clear hearted way. I don’t know if it is or not...the hallmark of a great manager but surely hallmark of gr8 person.

Piyush most certainly is a different kinda individual...I will tell his story too

Sweet and Smiling Sireesha: aptly chosen adjectives...she had this strange fascination for ROMANIA [**every time I write it...say it loud with’ll discover something very unique] which I am sure has a lot to do with ROMANIAN guys...anyways she went to ROMANIA for onsite...where she enrolled in some course of learning tricks on how to STARE [**an Indian gal going there and staring at ROMANIANS...where are all the Shiv Sena/Rastriya Kannada Rakshada Vedikes ?] at that in return she gets stared at [**that too in a really funny kind of way]...

she narrated something which was really hilarious...she got onto the flight that goes to ROMANIA...she went inside the loo...which had a strange door which didn't show it was closed...while the gal was SINGING [**rightly so...we all go loo to SING only]...anyways some-god-knows-who-but-some-cheap-bugger came and pushed the door [**by this time you know what would have been our state...we were literally rolling on the floor...laughing our asses out]...later she was locked inside...some good samaritan ROMANIAN came rescued her out [**now u get the fascination part]

Let’s say ROMANIA once more...ROMANIAAAAAAAAAAAA [**I can almost feel the love for ROMANIA, ofcourse for Romanian fir se bolte hai ROMANIA ki jai]

Pagal Piyush: hehehe :P...that would be me...did you really think I was for once not going to blow my own trumpet...I am aspire to be better I start now itself...

[**This is how it should have happened]

Hi, I am Piyush, frends call me mC. I belong to Varanasi, did my grad from IT-BHU, currently working for Samsung India with their Mobiles division as the Lead Engineer, basically into Product management and IT consulting space. I am also a published poet.

[**This is how it happened, ended up sharing the biggest fuck up of my life]

Hi, I am Piyush, frends call me mC. I did engineering coz I didn’t wanted to be denied right to ancestral property [**we are a family of 3 generations of engineer...only condition for share in ancestral property...u better be an engineer]...anyways joined engineering...did it in a way it should not be done [**now comes main story] fell madly in love with a girl...eloped with her...later her family found out...was trashed like anything...every bone in body was broken...which was followed by 9 months of recuperation and one year of self inflicted misery...anyways woke at right time...scored a decent job...then came IIMA fiasco...where I blurted out everything...apparently they kicked me out...closed the door behind...

two years later I apply to ISB...this time around I managed to brew some decent half truths...n made a fool of ISB...

here I am...sitting among all you awesome ppl.

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