Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bangalore Meet: Epilogue

Now that I have officially destroyed everyone’s reputation and the dignity/respect they had built for themselves in their lives till now. I owe an apology to all my Bangalore frends. Let me start by saying this that whatever I have written of you has nothing to do with you whatsoever, neither is it a reflection on your personal achievements/strengths/lives that you lived.

It is just an account of Creative Cartoonist or Funny man’s account how you behaved that day...most of it is exaggeration and not true. Think of it as case when “You go to a Cartoonist and give him money to sketch you...and he makes the mole on your right cheek more makes your child, your family, your friends laugh on you and most importantly you see yourself and laugh...Do I really look this way??...then you think of that bugger who made your Cartoon...the second after that mirrors an amalgam of strange silence and internal joy”

Think of mC as that cartoonist...your very own Cirus Brocha for ISB@2011.

I seriously think that each one of us here is trying to REDISCOVER, to REINVENT one’s self...So that we can move forward n REWRITE our story (sometimes from scratch)...Most part of that search is going to take us to each other’s doorsteps...We will learn, accommodate and understand each other...what more we will be a TEAM...

I am most sincerely honoured and happy to be one among you awesome people (this one's no half truth)...I am sure it’s going to be hell of a year...with such memories that each one of cherishes them for the rest of our lives...

Welcome to ISB Class of 2011.

Piyush (aka mC)

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