Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bangalore Meet: Beta: "Jiggy Wiggy on 4 legs" and "Victim of Child Abuse"

Abstruse Anand: I couldn’t get many of his fundas[**OK SO OK OK SO SO...talks like old fat-fati speeding towards u...durrrrrrr durrrrrrr]...our 2D guy said he was a freestyle dancer...though the only free style thingy that I can vouch for would be with Megha...yea the dude was up on all his 4 legs doing...trying to do [**I donno wat but] looked a lot like some jiggy was just that it was public place...n we didn’t want to leave with a scarred psyche like taufeeq’s...So our firemen jumped in at right time saving many people from the trauma of a lifetime

Latebloomer Taufeeq [**one of the late bloomers...I mean late comers]: dude was a victim of child abuse...transforming into the muse for his grandfather [**who I was told was a kickass Photographer in his time...wait I am going to tell u why]...

hehehe...this guy had to dress up as a KINGFISHER Calendar Model [**coz it was 70's even swimsuits models needed...ahem *wink *wink wanted] with all jewellery, ghaghra chaniya choli [**with some oranges :P, padding for support :P], maskara, lipstick, eyeliner, fake eyebrows [**wait...yea I have exhausted all my knowledge of gal makeup]...n pose for him...this left him a extremely rare disease called once-in-a-while-I-want-to-be-dressed-as-a-gal syndrome

[**there was a lot of talk on male strippers...he is our nuclear bomb for Dilliwalas

I am thinking of organizing a Mahabharata play...where we will enact the CHEER HARAN sequence...I haven’t still finalized the female lead for my play...I wud take u without an audition :P

Artistic Apurva – He was sport enough to do stand up act for us...yea he does not have to bear the brunt of my digs [**if u want to be in this privileged category from next time...perform ppl]

Pearl Jain – Speculator who sat right in the corner observing other people...yea he gave really boring intro...everything seemed to start with stocks and end at stocks...[**He made our private love chat I will behave as someone who has been cheated...Jaa Nirdayi...Media ko bulao :P]

Vikas G – This guy specializes in getting bitten by dogs [**dogs die after they bite him...apparently he was all sane]...getting caught by cops...but somehow manages to grease his way out as well...I am going to stay at least 100m away from this 2D guy.

Very Very Wonderful Vikas Saroha – he was a professional model with a portfolio...he showed us a few poses...which were really HELL seductive [**these are the people pushing article 377 into extinction...right in our homes...we don’t even realize]...I had to control myself to not being turned on: P...[**I donn swing the other way :P]

Anonymous Amogh: [**me thinks he was Apparently!!! Amogh]

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  1. This series has been funny and insightful. Waiting for you to complete.. :)