Saturday, December 12, 2009

Catching Up

On November 21, I saw, with 1 part delight and 3 parts disbelief, that I had actually made it to my dream B-school. Being in Hyderabad at the time, and a victim of BSNL's super-fast-when-it-connects connection, I wasn't aware of the activity brewing in Facebook and the Google group. I imagined all R1 admits would get in touch in some official ISB new-admits forum- what a gross underestimation of my classmates' networking skills!

Anyway, by the time I discovered the Facebook community, and later the Google Group, I felt as outdated as a Barjatya movie. Meetings had been planned, a collaborative blog was up and running, Arindam was chucked into the pool, and Saale was already an acceptable salutation. Now, being an '07 undergrad and hence a relative baby in the world of 6-year work-ex admits, I assumed the conversations would revolve around financial markets and diapers; but what a relief it was to see such intellectual discussions as NIFT's goris and a group for foodies! Though the insane speed at which messages are posted leaves me lagging behind in most discussions, it's fun to read whatever I read.

I've been Murphy's favourite lab rat on more than one occasion, and this time too, I proved faithful to his postulations. I was in Hyderabad for a good 2 weeks, in Mumbai for some time, and am currently in the US, but still contrived to miss all the meetings. Reading the blog and the meeting-rocked series of messages, I realize I've missed out on some serious fun- but so have all the R2 admits; so life doesn't suck so much, I guess.

There are so many things to look forward to post April 2010, that I just wish I could FF these 4 months or convince Boman Irani to let me use his time machine instead of that sissy Baweja. One major look-forward-to for me is that I'm going to be in Hyderabad again! - a little too far from my house to commute often but still only a local call away. I'm sure my parents will visit often, so better be in my good books (you can start by letting my pick my electives first or letting me bid for the best CEO) if you want some good home-cooked pakwaan on a regular basis. The only disadvantage of getting an admit from ISB is the ghar-ki-murgi effect- no more daamaad treatment like I used to get during my trips home from Banaras during undergrad.

Another major excitement is the political situation in Andhra- I feel whatever happens over the next few months is going to be a part of popular history for posterity; it's wonderful to view history in-the-making first hand. We might also have some case studies related to this in ISB.

Now, I have many more look-forward-to points, but those among you that read my personal blog regularly (exactly 0 as of now), know my habit of writing painfully long posts. Let me spare you and myself the tedium and end here. It's nice and cool outside- my bowl of pasta and tennis racquet are waiting for me. See you soon!


  1. really nice post! No hangups and just full of great enthusiasm!


  2. very good post....keep writing...i will make sure to read.....
    abt me..hv just applied for R2 and feel thr are miles to go b4 i be in isb...