Saturday, December 19, 2009

Its not about the CTC!

This post is for everyone but especially for people to whom joining the course at ISB does not make immediate monetary sense. If you have a significant work experience it is likely that you are being taken good care of by your organization. Also you are settled, perhaps married, and feel quite contented with what you are doing. Why then have you taken a path that will suddenly leave you with no cash, grind you day and night for a year and perhaps be a little hard on your family as well? At the end of it you may or may not start earning as much as you are currently doing. You may be slightly better off but with a significant loan on your back, will you be really. To people in this quandary, I will say this: it is not about the money!

I am sure all of you who have paid up the initial 200k are pretty convinced that this is the right step forward. I am also sure that some of you still feel the occasional twinge in the stomach about where all this is going to lead you. Let me say this. Guys, you have taken the best step in your life so far! For life is not about how much you earn, but about how much you learn. At ISB you are going to be among the most diverse set of professionals you can ever hope to come across in your life. You would no longer be seeing the same people everyday – doing the same work for I don’t know how many years more. Life has given you a chance to meet new people, make new friends and learn things you would never otherwise have. It is time to rediscover those unknown corners of yourself and discover a sunny side of you that you never knew existed.

Ten years down the line when you look back, you would have the satisfaction of at least having done two different things with your career. One- your career so far which had enough achievements to help you make it to the ISB(believe me you wouldn’t have made it had you not been an achiever) and two- your learning at ISB and the step up in the knowledge ladder that you would take. Education is simply the best spend that you can make on yourself and the world class ISB education is priceless. Just imagine the who’s who you will be listening to and learning from during conferences and perhaps even usual classes.

So, forget the money, forget the CTC you are going to get – its not about the CTC. You are going into a world renowned program and will come out with a brand new (branded J) perspective. Welcome to the world of Indian School of Business!


Sanjeev Sharma

CO 2011


  1. Well said! Exactly my thoughts! Having said that, a great CTC really does help.

  2. Superbly said. If you hadn't posted this, i'd have done it in a few days myslef. If only to reassure myself! :P

    But then, yes. the twinge in the stomach is very much there. But then having been there and done that once, i'm sure that there are good thigns to come! :)

  3. Your description in the 1st paragraph is so strikingly similar to my situation that I was a little flustered if ISB has published my profile somewhere already:) I am bookmarking this article and will get back to it whenever I feel these doubts nagging at me. A fantastic perspective, one we seem to miss so often in the CTC dreams. Thanks for this Sanjeev!

    Suhel Banerjee
    CO 2012